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Ruth Miller and Alan Davies are based in North Wales and are passionate about watching birds. They organize birdwatching trips with The Biggest Twitch and „we always take our time to enjoy every bird we see and we never get tired of watching birds, whether they're common or rare.“

Ruth has written the popular “Birds, Boots and Butties” books on the best places in North Wales for birding, walking and enjoying a good cuppa, with other regional editions on the way.

Alan is the author of the successful site guide Best Birdwatching Sites in North Wales, he has over thirty years' experience of finding the very best birds. He runs Birdline Wales and Birdline North West, the successful information service established in 1990, run by birdwatchers for birdwatchers, so with access to up-to-the minute bird information, he is in a unique position to know just what birds are being seen and where.

SEP 07

Borneo – When The Birding Gets Tough You Need Leica’s

We have recently returned from a Birdwatching (and mammal watching) Trip on the island of Borneo. This huge tropical island lies south of Malaysia, the area we visited belongs to Malaysia. Stepping off the air-conditioned plane we were smacked in the face by hot humid air, very hot and very humid. A short drive from the airport we arrived at a quayside and boarded a fast speedboat that whisked us across a huge shallow bay. Just over an hour later we arrived at Kinabatangan Wetlands Resort where we were to stay two nights.

FEB 15

Norfolk Birding House Parties

Part 2 Following on from a successful week’s birding in Norfolk, Alan Davis and Ruth Miller are back and ready to go with another group for their second Birding House Party.

JAN 13

Norfolk Birding House Parties

Part 1 Alan Davies and Ruth Miller, AKA ‘The Biggest Twitch’, have visited far flung corners of the world in pursuit of exotic birds. However, they are still hugely passionate about the species found closer to home in Great Britain as seen here in their latest trip; a week of birdwatching in Norfolk.


The Biggest Twitch and the Best of Anglesey

Alan Davies and Ruth Miller have been birding all around the world, but they still love a tour close to their home in north Wales. Here they talk us through a tour of the Isle of Anglesey back in the summer, separated from the spectacular mainland by the Menai Strait and not short on wildlife.


Birding in the land of the midnight sun – part two: Norway

Previously, we heard how Alan and Ruth enjoyed endless days of birding and some amazing birds in Finland earlier this year. In the second instalment of their midnight sun diary, we hear how they fared in Norway. Their accounts of fabulous birds in the northern summer makes cheering reading to banish the gloom of dark autumn evenings.


Birding in the Land of the Midnight Sun

Part one: Finland As the nights get longer across Europe, we look back to some almost endless summer days in the land of the midnight sun with birding guides Alan Davies and Ruth Miller, famed for their world record breaking ‘Biggest Twitch’ world tour. As their diary shows, more daylight hours certainly allows for more bird sightings!


Early Start For A Wonderful Wash

You hear a lot about the importance of having optics that work well in low light conditions. A recent trip to East Anglia provided a perfect illustration of why it’s so important for Leica Birding ambassadors, Alan Davies and Ruth Miller. Warning: this blog contains a high number of “wow” moments and may give you a desire to leap out of bed pre-dawn… “It was the last full day of our Birdwatching Trip week-long visit to North Norfolk and we were up before dawn. As we stepped out of our wonderful house, which overlooked the marshes, a star-filled sky was…


Of Unlucky Magpies and Gangs of Redwings

Alan Davies and Ruth Miller have been guiding clients around North Wales and the Dee Estuary this autumn and shared some of the best moments with us.


Backyard Birding in Wales

We, Ruth Miller and Alan Davies, are two British birders that some of you may have heard of. Back in 2008 we set off on a birding adventure, The Biggest Twitch. Birding in 27 countries, we set a new world record for the number of species recorded in a single calendar year – an amazing 4,341! Since then we have been running birdwatching trips from our home in North Wales, traveling all over the UK, Europe and beyond, sharing our passion for birds with like-minded people. We are very lucky to be based in Llandudno, North Wales, some 240 miles…