OCT 16

“I could see the Irish coast!”

A week’s guiding with Nature Scotland on the wonderful Scottish island of Islay meant that it was time, once again, to put my Leica Noctivid 10×42 binoculars and my Apo Televid spotting scope to the test.

OCT 13

Dia de Halcón, the Day of the Falcon

October 10th has become a red letter day on my annual calendar each year. The “Day of the Falcon” or “Dia de Halcón” en Espanõl has become my own personal, special little holiday. I’m not certain if anyone else holds this day dear in their heart, or even recognizes it as anything special, but for me it is. No matter where in the world I am on that day. I’ll note that date and think, “oh man… today’s the day!” Over the past decade, 10/10 has emerged statistically, as the single best day for Peregrine Falcon sightings through the Florida Keys. Since the year 2000, a…

OCT 07

Snail Kite fiesta

It had been a full week since Hurricane Irma slid up the gulf coast of Florida, reeking “Irmageddon” on the peninsula. Honestly though, we’d been lucky in my area. Cuba and other Caribbean Islands, the Florida Keys and even Naples had taken much harder hits, and the damage in my area was comparatively insignificant.

SEP 22

Nearly on the verge of extinction: European Lanner close to its end

The Slender-billed Curlew is nowadays considered extinct, with no birds officially observed in the last nearly 20 years or so worldwide (Corso, et al. 2014; Kirwan, et al.2015), while the Bald Ibis seems to be recovering with a rather small but increasing wild breeding population in Morocco (though the other wild very small one from Syria is gone forever) and some reintroduction projects elsewhere around Europe or “feral” populations (Spain, Austrian and Italian Alps, Turkey).

SEP 19

A Conversation with Richard Crossley

Richard Crossley was born in Yorkshire, UK and found his way to Cape May, NJ as a young man. His love for birds and the fabled migration at Cape May were such a perfect match, that he has spent all of his adult life living here ever since. Richard is the author of the unique Crossley ID Guides and co-author of the wonderful “The Shorebird Guide” with fellow Cape May residents, Michael O’Brien & Kevin Karlson. In March 2017, Richard joined the Leica / Cape May Bird Observatory “American Dippers” team in the Champions of the Flyway bird race in Israel. Recently we had a…

SEP 07

Borneo – When The Birding Gets Tough You Need Leica’s

We have recently returned from a Birdwatching (and mammal watching) Trip on the island of Borneo. This huge tropical island lies south of Malaysia, the area we visited belongs to Malaysia. Stepping off the air-conditioned plane we were smacked in the face by hot humid air, very hot and very humid. A short drive from the airport we arrived at a quayside and boarded a fast speedboat that whisked us across a huge shallow bay. Just over an hour later we arrived at Kinabatangan Wetlands Resort where we were to stay two nights.

AUG 22

Heinz Sielmann – Birder und Naturfreund

Heinz Sielmann (* 2. Juni 1917 in Rheydt; † 6. Oktober 2006 in München) kam schon früh mit seinem späteren Berufsfeld in Verbindung. Sein Vater nahm ihn schon in Kindheitstagen mit in die Natur. Er prägte den Jungen mit seiner Aussage: “Die Natur ist ein Gottesgeschenk, Tiere und Pflanzen sind Teil unseres Lebens.”

AUG 16

Discovering nature in Italy

Italy hosts among the richest biodiversity in Europe. The variety of geographic, geo-morphological and climatic conditions that characterizes its territory makes it an extraordinary concentration area of ​​both species and habitats.

AUG 10

“These are binoculars for life”

I had the pleasure of using the latest Leica 10-42 binoculars for a week of birdwatching in Israel in March. I was there to take part in the Eilat Bird Festival and follow the “Champions of the Flyway” a 24 hours Bird Race organised by the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel. 

2017 Texel Big Day – Racing for conservation

Ever since participating in the first awesome Champions of the Flyway (COTF), in Eilat, Israel, I dreamed about a nation specific version of the event, and in particular in the Netherlands.