AUG 10

“These are binoculars for life”

I had the pleasure of using the latest Leica 10-42 binoculars for a week of birdwatching in Israel in March. I was there to take part in the Eilat Bird Festival and follow the “Champions of the Flyway” a 24 hours Bird Race organised by the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel. 

2017 Texel Big Day – Racing for conservation

Ever since participating in the first awesome Champions of the Flyway (COTF), in Eilat, Israel, I dreamed about a nation specific version of the event, and in particular in the Netherlands.

ET proves new migration route for spoonies

In 2013, Leica Camera teamed up with Wildfowl & Wetland Trust (WWT) to support their ‘Saving the Spoon-billed Sandpiper’ project. As well as financial help, Leica provides optical equipment to help field workers locate the breeding spoon-billed sandpipers and record their behaviour.

JUL 18

Birding on the Cayman Islands

Known more for its beaches rather than its birding I must admit that it was the diving part of our trip to the Cayman Islands that had me most excited. However, as those first days unfolded on Grand Cayman I soon realised my mistake in underestimating not only the diversity of birdlife it had to offer but also the accessibility to spotting sites. Alongside wildlife photographer Luke Massey, we both came to realise that the Cayman Islands were in fact the perfect “do it yourself” birding destination.

JUL 13

Exploring the Mangroves by Kayak

  In the summer months I’m finally home long enough that I can turn to one of the things that drew me to southwest Florida in the first place. The amazing mangrove lined edges and serpentine waterways that surround Charlotte Harbor. This unique habitat is a variable labyrinth of narrow winding streams cutting through the dense stands of mangroves that are often only navigable by a small kayak or canoe. The maneuverability of these crafts allow you to wind through the narrowest of passages to find larger shallow bays hidden by the mangroves. It’s great fun winding through these trails, silently gliding along the tangled roots…

JUL 11

A trip to Speyside

TV presenter Iolo Williams has been a Leica brand ambassador since 2015. Here, the Welsh birder recounts a trip to northeast Scotland.

“Mega-rarity” at Maritime Hammock

On Sunday May 14, 2017 local Brevard County, Florida birder Mitchell Harris found an ABA Code 5 Bahama Woodstar at Maritime Hammock on Hwy A1A north of Sebastian Inlet.  After a post on eBird the birders and photographers started to flock from far and wide.

JUN 22

The Caribbean Express of 2017!

  The first sign that something unusual was happening was when Smooth-billed Ani reports started popping up all over the state of Florida in late fall 2016.

Training with Florida Specialties

Last week one of my colleagues, Catlin Brewer, was in the area for work and we made a plan to spend a couple hours training on digiscoping & wildlife photographic techniques with the Leica equipment.

A Tropical Treat

“You’re going to do what?… You guys are insane!” That was my response when my buddy Brant Julius told me he and friend Jeff Fisher were planning on leaving at 10 PM Friday night and driving through the night to arrive at sunrise. It was madness… but it was also an insanely beautiful & rare bird they were going to chase.