OCT 13

Dia de Halcón, the Day of the Falcon

October 10th has become a red letter day on my annual calendar each year. The “Day of the Falcon” or “Dia de Halcón” en Espanõl has become my own personal, special little holiday. I’m not certain if anyone else holds this day dear in their heart, or even recognizes it as anything special, but for me it is. No matter where in the world I am on that day. I’ll note that date and think, “oh man… today’s the day!” Over the past decade, 10/10 has emerged statistically, as the single best day for Peregrine Falcon sightings through the Florida Keys. Since the year 2000, a…

FEB 15

Norfolk Birding House Parties

Part 2 Following on from a successful week’s birding in Norfolk, Alan Davis and Ruth Miller are back and ready to go with another group for their second Birding House Party.


The Bekantans of Balikpapan Bay

“Ten years ago this was all forest,” says Stan Lhota, a primatologist from the Czech Republic, as he casts a hand over Balikpapan Bay which now resembles an industrial site. “And this was a romantic little fishing village.” We are standing at Gersik harbour looking out at the horizon of coal mines, oil depots and abandoned shrimp farms.


Iolo Williams in Shetland

Naturalist, TV presenter, writer and wildlife guide Iolo Williams has spent a lot of time on islands this spring and summer. After spending a fabulous – if cold – three weeks on the Farne Islands off the east coast of northern England for BBC Springwatch, he headed further north in early summer to lead a party of 10 avid wildlife watchers on the Shetlands.

82 or 65 the Televid Quandary

The big question most users have when selecting a new Leica spotting scope is, “Which model is the best for me?”  The Leica APO Televid is offered in body styles with either a straight through or 45º angled eyepiece design. While the former seems more intuitive for use at first (as you are always looking in the direction of your subject), the VAST majority of birding and nature consumers purchase the angled eyepiece design shown below do to the ergonomic advantages and versatility. As example, when birding in a group it is much easier for the taller participants to bow slightly at…

Early morning in Tanzania

Why a pair of Leica binoculars is the most important companion on every safari – Madeleine Jansen tells us her story.


Pining for Pine Flycatchers

What do you do when a first U.S. record shows up about two hours from where you live? If you are me, and you live in southeastern Arizona, and the bird in question is the Pine Flycatcher, you watch your Facebook newsfeed fill up with brilliant pictures taken by all of your friends who were free to go look for this unlikely arrival. It was midweek, though, and I had to work. By the following Saturday, it was clear that the bird was planning on sticking around for at least a little while longer. According to all of the reports,…


Hope for the helpless on Kotok Island

We are led to the darkest, dingiest corner of this large cruel beast, the frantic beating of wings against metal cages surround us. “It’s for our father,” we had told the man, “he has just moved here and he wants to see what you have before he buys.”


Unbekanntes Mosambik

Michael Straubhaar lebt in der Schweiz und interessiert sich seit seiner frühesten Jugend für die Natur, im Speziellen für die Vogelwelt. Er ist in verschiedenen ornithologischen Projekten (Brutvogelatlas, Monitorings, Exkursionsleitung usw.) tätig und befasste sich während vieler Reisen rund um den Globus mehrheitlich mit dem Birding.


Leica for all seasons with Iolo Williams

Last time Leica Birding caught up with TV presenter Iolo Williams, he told us about scaring off a bear using only a pair of Trinovid binoculars. Since then, he’s been extremely busy on and off screen, filming and guiding around the UK and beyond. There haven’t been any more bare-knuckle grizzly encounters, but he has seen some fantastic sights with the aid of his trusty Ultravid 10×42 HD-Plus.