JUL 13

Exploring the Mangroves by Kayak

  In the summer months I’m finally home long enough that I can turn to one of the things that drew me to southwest Florida in the first place. The amazing mangrove lined edges and serpentine waterways that surround Charlotte Harbor. This unique habitat is a variable labyrinth of narrow winding streams cutting through the dense stands of mangroves that are often only navigable by a small kayak or canoe. The maneuverability of these crafts allow you to wind through the narrowest of passages to find larger shallow bays hidden by the mangroves. It’s great fun winding through these trails, silently gliding along the tangled roots…

JUL 11

A trip to Speyside

TV presenter Iolo Williams has been a Leica brand ambassador since 2015. Here, the Welsh birder recounts a trip to northeast Scotland.

A Tropical Treat

“You’re going to do what?… You guys are insane!” That was my response when my buddy Brant Julius told me he and friend Jeff Fisher were planning on leaving at 10 PM Friday night and driving through the night to arrive at sunrise. It was madness… but it was also an insanely beautiful & rare bird they were going to chase.

APR 19

Deep in Colombia’s rainforests

Do you really know what mud is? I did not know. I am a “desert man” – I have visited North Africa, the Maghreb, the Sahara and many other deserts as Sinai and the Negev many times. I truly love the desert.

MAR 16

Linosa Island – a paradise for Mediterranean birders

Ten years ago, a small group of intrepid fanatic birders decided that big national parks, nature reserve and woodlands were not their favourite birding destination. Instead, they love small islands and peaceful places where they can observe migrant birds and dragonflies.

FEB 28

Birding in Kamerun

Mein Name ist Ross Murphy. Ich bin 62 Jahre alt, aus den USA und habe mein Leben lang in der Ölndustrie gearbeitet. Gerade deswegen bin ich Naturfreund und Birder. Ich war an vielen Stellen der Welt, von den USA bis Asien und immer hatte ich mein Birding Equipment dabei. Mein letzte große Reise führte mich nun nach Kamerun, zu der ich auch meine Frau mitnahm, mit der ich seit über 30 Jahre verheiratet bin.

JAN 13

Norfolk Birding House Parties

Part 1 Alan Davies and Ruth Miller, AKA ‘The Biggest Twitch’, have visited far flung corners of the world in pursuit of exotic birds. However, they are still hugely passionate about the species found closer to home in Great Britain as seen here in their latest trip; a week of birdwatching in Norfolk.

JAN 02

Streets ahead

“They’re the best pair of binoculars I’ve ever picked up,” said TV presenter, naturalist and wildlife guide Iolo Williams when we asked him how he was getting on with his new 10×42 Noctivids.


California dreaming

Things are well and truly wintry in Britain at the moment, so the Leica Birding UK team decided to banish the blues temporarily by chatting about sunnier summer days with one of our ambassadors. Naturalist, TV presenter and wildlife guide, Iolo Williams had bad luck with the weather earlier this year, having been caught in unseasonably bleak, wet weather in spring and early summer on various islands off the Scottish coast.


Birding between the Black Sea and the High Caucasus

We proceed slowly along the edge of a stony mountain rim. Only there, some of the target bird species of our trip to Georgia are observable: Caucasian Snowcock, Caucasian Black Grouse, Caucasian Great Rosefinch and Guldenstadt’s Redstart – the frosty grey giant of the rocks, the velvet black puffy guardian of the rhododendron patches, the blood-red jewel of the fields and the tricoloured big redtailed king of the stones.