FEB 28

Birding in Kamerun

Mein Name ist Ross Murphy. Ich bin 62 Jahre alt, aus den USA und habe mein Leben lang in der Ölndustrie gearbeitet. Gerade deswegen bin ich Naturfreund und Birder. Ich war an vielen Stellen der Welt, von den USA bis Asien und immer hatte ich mein Birding Equipment dabei. Mein letzte große Reise führte mich nun nach Kamerun, zu der ich auch meine Frau mitnahm, mit der ich seit über 30 Jahre verheiratet bin.

JAN 13

Norfolk Birding House Parties

Part 1 Alan Davies and Ruth Miller, AKA ‘The Biggest Twitch’, have visited far flung corners of the world in pursuit of exotic birds. However, they are still hugely passionate about the species found closer to home in Great Britain as seen here in their latest trip; a week of birdwatching in Norfolk.

JAN 02

Streets ahead

“They’re the best pair of binoculars I’ve ever picked up,” said TV presenter, naturalist and wildlife guide Iolo Williams when we asked him how he was getting on with his new 10×42 Noctivids.


California dreaming

Things are well and truly wintry in Britain at the moment, so the Leica Birding UK team decided to banish the blues temporarily by chatting about sunnier summer days with one of our ambassadors. Naturalist, TV presenter and wildlife guide, Iolo Williams had bad luck with the weather earlier this year, having been caught in unseasonably bleak, wet weather in spring and early summer on various islands off the Scottish coast.


Birding between the Black Sea and the High Caucasus

We proceed slowly along the edge of a stony mountain rim. Only there, some of the target bird species of our trip to Georgia are observable: Caucasian Snowcock, Caucasian Black Grouse, Caucasian Great Rosefinch and Guldenstadt’s Redstart – the frosty grey giant of the rocks, the velvet black puffy guardian of the rhododendron patches, the blood-red jewel of the fields and the tricoloured big redtailed king of the stones.

The Leica Trinovid HD – A Life Changing Experience at ABA Camp Colorado

I have been interested in dinosaurs for as long as I can remember. Inhabitants of a time so far from our own and yet a fundamental part of its history made an impression on my mind from a young age and continue to be a source of interest, wonder, and study for me today.


The Biggest Twitch and the Best of Anglesey

Alan Davies and Ruth Miller have been birding all around the world, but they still love a tour close to their home in north Wales. Here they talk us through a tour of the Isle of Anglesey back in the summer, separated from the spectacular mainland by the Menai Strait and not short on wildlife.

Putting the Noctivids to the test!

I got my first experience to enjoy the view through the new Leica Noctivid binocular at the British Birdwatching Fair in Rutland Waters, UK this past August. While I immediately appreciated the insanely vivid image, unmatched depth of field, and fast focus, I was really looking forward to giving them a proper test in the field searching for birds. Following the fair, bird book author, colleague and friend Bill Thompson III from Bird Watcher’s Digest magazine joined me for a few days in Wetzlar, Germany (home of the world headquarters of Leica Camera, AG). With Noctivids in hand, Bill and I…


One big birding fiesta

This summer I decided that I wanted to see more seabirds in life. 
Despite having the new Noctivids already in my possession since the official launch at the British Birdfair, lack of time made sure the bins hadn’t left the bag.

A Quest for Bicknell’s Thrush Leads to Thoughts of Conservation

Spring is one of the best times of the year to be in the beautiful, birdy, nature-rich state of Maine. The frigid, snowy weather and very short daylight periods move along giving way for long days of warm sun, vibrant green leaves, wildflowers rich with purples, whites, yellows, and more. The illustrious “eastern warblers” are welcomed by all, and many species, like the Bicknell’s Thrush, return to their specialized breeding habitats. Many migrants travel thousands of miles to breed in the diverse habitats that Maine provides, from the boreal forests of the north, to the numerous miles of coastline and…