24-hour adventure 
for a good cause

Well-equipped with binoculars, spotting scopes and eyepieces from Leica, the Swiss team will take part in the international birdwatching competition “Champions of the Flyway” in Israel on 28 March. The Leica Sempach Snowfinches’ goal? To have fun and to improve on their performance last year.


Am langen Ende – Leicas Bridgekamera V-Lux (Typ 114)

„Ob auf Reisen, beim Birding oder bei anderen Outdoor-Abenteuern – die Leica V-Lux ist dafür die perfekte Kamera. Zeitraubende Objektivwechsel und schwere zusätzliche Ausrüstung erübrigen sich. Mit ihrem pfeilschnellen Autofokus übertrifft die Leica V-Lux sich selbst.

A Quest for Bicknell’s Thrush Leads to Thoughts of Conservation

Spring is one of the best times of the year to be in the beautiful, birdy, nature-rich state of Maine. The frigid, snowy weather and very short daylight periods move along giving way for long days of warm sun, vibrant green leaves, wildflowers rich with purples, whites, yellows, and more. The illustrious “eastern warblers” are welcomed by all, and many species, like the Bicknell’s Thrush, return to their specialized breeding habitats. Many migrants travel thousands of miles to breed in the diverse habitats that Maine provides, from the boreal forests of the north, to the numerous miles of coastline and…


The Queens of the Skies

You could easily miss the dusty little village of Khichan, situated close to the Pakistan border with India in the state of Rajasthan, its appearance much like the previous hundred or so we had passed through on our fourteen-hour drive from Delhi, were it not for the cacophony of noise.

Reflections from ABA Camp Colorado

  This summer, I was granted the opportunity to attend ABA Camp Colorado, and I can’t begin to illustrate what an enriching experience this privilege truly was. Over the course of six days, I was able to explore an incredible diversity of habitats in the state of Colorado. The experienced Camp Colorado staff took us to some of the most iconic ecosystems of the North American continent and with their expertise and guidance we observed a rich array of wild bird species, and learned about the complexities of each species’ significance to the health of the area. However, the knowledge…


Wildlife Photographer Award for Luke Massey

A massive congratulations to Leica Optics Ambassador, Luke Massey, who has been announced as a winner in the prestigious Wildlife Photographer of the Year awards.


The New Leica NOCTIVID – A reality built on a whole century of knowledge and expertise

The U.K. is an important country for optics in the nature market and with the imminent launch of Leica’s exciting new binocular, a number of important nature market retailers were invited to the HQ in Wetzlar to hear a presentation from product manager Nanette Roland and to thoroughly test the new Noctivid binocular.


Bis zum Horizont

Seit gut vier Jahren gibt es den Klassiker Geovid in der vierten Generation auf dem Markt. Wir testeten exklusiv die beiden Spitzenmodelle aus Wetzlar in den Bergen, in Afrika und in heimischen Gefilden, bei Vogelbeobachtungen aller Art, von dem Balzverhalten der Amseln vorm Küchenfenster, über die Brutpflege der Störche vom Foto-Tarnnetz aus bis hin zur Jagdtaktik des afrikanischen Habichtsadlers in Nigeria.


Iolo Williams and the white binoculars

It’s been a busy year for Leica Birding ambassador, wildlife TV presenter Iolo Williams. We caught up with him recently to find out how filming the BBC’s ever-popular Springwatch had gone this year.

Hope and heartbreak for Spoonies at Slimbridge

All the political news in the UK over the past month has obscured some other rather exciting news – the spoon-billed sandpipers at WWT Slimbridge in Gloucestershire have laid their very first eggs!