Tale of two Adapters – new digiscoping accessories from Leica!

    Leica Q camera & matched adapter (left) Leica T camera with Universal 35 mm adapter (right)

    So after weeks of anxious anticipation, I FINALLY received the shipment I’d been eagerly awaiting. The shipment arrived late Friday evening as I was literally heading out the door for a scheduled appointment. On Saturday, heavy rains kept me from being able to test these new beauties and even though under a heavy overcast with threat of rain, I managed to head afield on Sunday at long last with the Leica APO Televid 82 mm spotting scope and two different Leica digiscoping rigs to test and compare. Over my left shoulder I slung the Leica Q (typ 116) camera with the new matched digiscoping adapter and from the right shoulder hung the Leica T camera body equipped with a prototype of our brand new 35 mm objective lens adapter.

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