JUN 22

The Caribbean Express of 2017!

  The first sign that something unusual was happening was when Smooth-billed Ani reports started popping up all over the state of Florida in late fall 2016.

Training with Florida Specialties

Last week one of my colleagues, Catlin Brewer, was in the area for work and we made a plan to spend a couple hours training on digiscoping & wildlife photographic techniques with the Leica equipment.

Digiscoping experiments with Huawei Mate 9 smartphone

The new Huawei, Mate 9 smartphone features dual lenses co-engineered by Leica. One lens shoots in color and the other in stunning 20 mp monochrome. I got to briefly experiment with the Mate 9 mounted to a Leica APO Televid spotting scope at the Leica Store Los Angeles back in February and knew it had great potential for digiscoping and couldn’t wait for a more thorough field test.   In color:   Dredged in mud!       Monochrome Lens: Lesser Yellowlegs in monochrome   American Alligator hangs out with the waders!   Green Heron in the reeds!   Wood Stork…

Extended Seasons

A personal awareness of one’s natural surroundings can provide daily discoveries, wonder, and even stir the soul. It also makes one keenly aware of the natural seasons. Even though the official “first day of spring” on the calendar is listed as March 20th, “spring” from a birding perspective is defined differently as it relates to a specific set of behaviors shown by the animals that surround us. Since these birds  may migrate from distant points even birds within the same area may show entirely different cycles at the same time of year.


Urban Treasure Hunting

The Las Vegas strip is a dream location for some. However, if nature is your thing, this sterile, urban environment makes it real challenging to get your daily wildlife fix. Recently, I found myself in the middle of the strip and decided to pit my skills against that challenge. I had very limited time for exploring, (maybe a half hour in mornings & just over an hour of daylight on my first evening) so I took to the strip with low expectations to see what a crazed birder could see in this most unbirdy spot in the dead of winter. I realize of…

Amazing Crew of Birders heads Toward Honduras

So about a month ago I started contacting some VIP’s in the birding industry (and most friends as well) asking “I know it’s short notice, but would you like to go to Honduras with me next month?!?….” Not surprisingly it didn’t take me long to fill the trip!

Amazonian Yard Listing

There isn’t anything too much more indescribably exciting than nearing the end of a long journey to a foreign birding location. You’ve spent evenings gawking at Google images, worn the pages of a formerly new field guide, you’ve read dozens of trip reports in the weeks leading up to the journey, and now you’re on the cusp of being in the same exact physical location you’ve mused over for some time. After a total of nineteen hours spent on planes and in airports, a whirlwind of a trip to the famed Pantanal, a fourteen hour bus ride, followed by a…