“Mega-rarity” at Maritime Hammock

On Sunday May 14, 2017 local Brevard County, Florida birder Mitchell Harris found an ABA Code 5 Bahama Woodstar at Maritime Hammock on Hwy A1A north of Sebastian Inlet.  After a post on eBird the birders and photographers started to flock from far and wide.

Training with Florida Specialties

Last week one of my colleagues, Catlin Brewer, was in the area for work and we made a plan to spend a couple hours training on digiscoping & wildlife photographic techniques with the Leica equipment.

Digiscoping experiments with Huawei Mate 9 smartphone

The new Huawei, Mate 9 smartphone features dual lenses co-engineered by Leica. One lens shoots in color and the other in stunning 20 mp monochrome. I got to briefly experiment with the Mate 9 mounted to a Leica APO Televid spotting scope at the Leica Store Los Angeles back in February and knew it had great potential for digiscoping and couldn’t wait for a more thorough field test.   In color:   Dredged in mud!       Monochrome Lens: Lesser Yellowlegs in monochrome   American Alligator hangs out with the waders!   Green Heron in the reeds!   Wood Stork…

See, show and share!

See, show and share nature in exceptional quality with Leica’s new integrated digiscoping package. Leica’s new, all-inclusive digiscoping package transforms wildlife observation and photography into an incomparable and shareable experience at unbeatable discounted prices.

Tale of two Adapters – new digiscoping accessories from Leica!

So after weeks of anxious anticipation, I FINALLY received the shipment I’d been eagerly awaiting. The shipment arrived late Friday evening as I was literally heading out the door for a scheduled appointment. On Saturday, heavy rains kept me from being able to test these new beauties and even though under a heavy overcast with threat of rain, I managed to head afield on Sunday at long last with the Leica APO Televid 82 mm spotting scope and two different Leica digiscoping rigs to test and compare. Over my left shoulder I slung the Leica Q (typ 116) camera with the new…

Amazing Crew of Birders heads Toward Honduras

So about a month ago I started contacting some VIP’s in the birding industry (and most friends as well) asking “I know it’s short notice, but would you like to go to Honduras with me next month?!?….” Not surprisingly it didn’t take me long to fill the trip!